How I Can Help  

Unwanted behaviors often result from inadequate structure when youngHave a new dog? Not all you expected he’d be? Starting to feel frustrated and guilty at the daily chaos?

Need assistance deciphering canine lingo? Your dog is communicating to you at all times. Do you know how to interpret the messages?

Has feeding time turned into a chaotic struggle of wills? Does your dog guard food, toys, you, etc.?

Does your new canine companion tend to “love” you too much by jumping and licking? Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Click Here to learn more.

Training Philosophies

Ever get the feeling your dog knows exactly what you’re asking, but has selective hearing or seems to suffer from sheer willfulness? Read more


“Susan absolutely loves dogs! Her passion and focus to training them transfers to her students. They thrive on her positive reinforcement and crave the stimulation and praise. I sincerely believe…” Read more

For Owners

When you choose New Dogs – Old Trix, you can expect and rely on:

Owner-Oriented Training: I custom design a training plan to accommodate the unique daily needs of your family while fulfilling the needs of your dog.

Documentation: All aspects of your dog’s training experience are documented to ensure you know how to implement the tools used during training to continue growth far beyond “graduation day”

Follow-up: Professional training is just the beginning. As part of my lifetime guarantee, I provide follow-up sessions so you won’t find yourself floundering once your dog comes home. Read more.


As a guest in my home, your beloved canine companion will live in comfy accommodations in a safe environment. Read more

About New Dogs – Old TrixMy dogs.

Shelter and rescue dogs often pose unique challenges. However, it is my firm belief that all dogs can be rehabilitated given the right expertise. I approach every new challenge from that optimistic premise. Read more