The Difference Between

Dog Behavior Modification & Dog Obedience Training

Jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting, mouthing, nipping, inappropriate toileting, aggression towards dogs, food aggression, aggression towards family members, pack aggression, stranger aggression, fear aggression, inattentiveness (dogs that won’t listen), poor recall (dogs that won’t come back when called), destructive behaviors, chasing cats, horses and livestock, over exuberance, nuisance barking, crying, yelping, howling, separation anxiety, digging, escaping, chewing, hyperactivity, item obsession, phobias or general disobedience.

Whatever your dog training requirements are, rest assured that our Bark Busters dog trainers can deal with any problem. Any dog, any age, whatever the issue, do not despair – Bark Busters can help!


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in-home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur because it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. Bark Busters can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

Elliot W.

Our dog Shadow is a rescue who has had issues with other dogs on walks. We contacted and retained Bark Busters. Devin came out and helped us understand the special needs of rescue dogs. On Devin's […]

Elliot W. | Marana
Laurel P.

Devin is knowledgeable about dogs and Barkbuster’s services seem to cover everything. They cover nutrition to all of my pets issues. The fact I can continue to use them throughout puppyhood is […]

Laurel P. | Green Valley
Sue D.

Devin is absolutely amazing! Such a change in our dog after the first visit. Absolutely recommend this company! […]

Sue D. | Green Valley
Edwin B.

The trainer Devin Wilson had us sold after 40 minutes into the session. He is very informative and knowledgeable and although he hasn’t been doing this for many years, he shows great knowledge about […]

Edwin B. | Oro Valley
Trevor L.

Today's session exceeded my already high expectations. All questions were very well answered + I feel confident we can get to where we want to be with Bruno. […]

Trevor L. | Tucson
Reagan D.

Very helpful. Gave clear communication + feedback. I started to feel like I had better control after a short period of time. I appreciated all the tools and suggestions to help reduce her barking. […]

Reagan D. | Tucson
Tanisha R.

The training session was a perfect experience. He exceeded my family and my expectations. Our trainer Jeff showed respect to us as well as our German Shepherd. He listened to all of our needs, […]

Tanisha R. | Sahuarita
Taylor S.

Jeff helped us with our dog's barking, walking, jumping and recall. Our dog seems to respond well to his training methods! It was also good to better understand the psychology of our dog so we can […]

Taylor S. | Tucson
Emily E.

The first training exceeded my expectations considering the stress in time I had with Gaia. Her first day of training was effective and I noticed immediate improvement the moment we were being guided […]

Emily E. | Tucson
Catherine S.

I learned a lot of different methods about being the leader of the house. That assertiveness is not the same as being mean. […]

Catherine S. | Tucson
Tommy D.

Lucas's behavior changed almost instantly with Jeff's assistance. Jeff did an excellent job of observing his behavior, the context and found techniques that quickly altered Lucas's prior behavioral […]

Tommy D. | Tucson
Leah W.

Very informative and helpful. Lots of great homework to practice. […]

Leah W. | Tucson
Steven and Lisa B.

We were very impressed with Bark Busters initial home training session with Jeff. He took the time to listen to our concerns and got to know our Daisy. It was clear that he was experienced in these […]

Steven and Lisa B. | Tucson
Karen C.

I was shocked at how much i learned in the 1stg session and how quickly Ollie responded! Thank you! I have tried two other trainers with different philosophies than Bark Busters which definitely did […]

Karen C. | Oro Valley
Cade S.

I had read about some of the techniques or parts of them before but had little success. Having Jeff's help has given me confidence I can train my pets. This was very informative and focused on the […]

Cade S. | Tucson
Ben & Jackie T.

The 1st day of training was great! Our dogs responded really well and I can tell that with our "homework" we should have much better behaved dogs! […]

Ben & Jackie T. | Tucson
Russell & Colleen S.

The process that Jeff shared with us will become helpful to us as we execute the steps he outlined. We look forward to being able to enjoy our dog even more. This is a positive experience. […]

Russell & Colleen S. | Marana
Laura & Joshua K.

Jeff was great and explained everything very well. We have two dogs and feel very satisfied after the training and excited to start the program. He is patient and works great with the dogs. […]

Laura & Joshua K. | Tucson
Elizabeth T.

Outstanding trainer that helped me connect with ways to elicit desired behaviors. Great! […]

Elizabeth T. | Tucson
Tina R.

Great! Learned several things I never knew. […]

Tina R. | Green Valley
Christy K.

I just wanted to thank Bark Busters for the services you provide. I was left in an unfortunate situation with the best young dog (1.1yr). My current situation did not allow for the environment that […]

Christy K. | Tucson, Pima
Christy K.

I just wanted to thank Bark Busters for the services you provide. I was left in an unfortunate situation with the best young dog (1.1yr). My current situation did not allow for the environment that […]

Christy K. | Tucson, Pima
Cheryl & Larry V.

We saw immediate response from our puppy. Jeff was very personable + able to bring his language to our level. Exercises were clear and we did lots of practice. I'm excited to continue our progress and […]

Cheryl & Larry V. | Tucson
Lou & Chris D.

Jeff Provided us with the tools to create safety and structure for us and Aussie. We feel very positive about our future with Aussie. Looking forward to this process. […]

Lou & Chris D. | Tucson
Kristin D.

I've only had one session, but I'm so impressed. I've had other trainers for other dogs and I can just tell this is going the best experience for my dog. Jeff is so kind and was very clear on his […]

Kristin D. | Tucson, Pima
Alexandra C.

Excellent training skills, huge improvement in just one 3 hour session! I can not wait to see more improvements through all the weeks. […]

Alexandra C. | Red Rock
Rebekah O.

Jeff was great! He was very personable and attentive to my two dogs. He took the time answer questions and he really showed us how to go about things. […]

Rebekah O. | Tucson
Rayna S.

We had our follow-up with Jeff yesterday and I cannot praise him enough! 4 weeks from his initial visit, he outlined a detailed plan to work on Leeloo's anxiety and leash manners. She has truly worked […]

Rayna S. | Tucson, Pima
Ashley A.

It was a lot of information to start with but by the end I could already see some improvements and I feel like I have good tools going forward. […]

Ashley A. | Tucson
Alysia F.

Jeff was amazing and I love he was straight to the point with the training. I didn't expect to see results in the first session, so I was amazed at how responsive Hopper was during the first meeting. […]

Alysia F. | Tucson
Marissa M.

Jeff was awesome! I am already amazed by the change in behavior i see in Rufus. He gives me hope that I'll be able to get his reactivity under control. Thank you! […]

Marissa M. | Tucson
Jillian C.

Just in the first session, Jeff made me feel so much more confident in training my puppy and made my concerns feel valid. Can't wait to see Cooper and my relationship improve and for cooper to get […]

Jillian C. | Tucson
Dana & Troy A.

Saw immediate results. Recognized some learning techniques that will help + prevent future problems. The harness and leash are amazing! Jeff was great and it was amazing to see the dogs react with […]

Dana & Troy A. | Tucson
Hannah & Ken L. & W.

Jeff is absolutely incredible. He is warm, welcoming, and remarkable at what he does. We are so lucky to have found him + our dog is much better for it. Highly recommend using Jeff at Bark Busters! […]

Hannah & Ken L. & W. | Tucson
Richard & Janelle R.

The dogs responded very well to the training Jeff taught us and I believe with practice we can resolve the issues we have had. Excellent with our dogs + us! Very kind + patient! […]

Richard & Janelle R. | Marana
Mary A.

I was very pleased with the exercises and techniques Jeff presented. In just a short amount of time I could see my dog responding in a positive manner. […]

Mary A. | Tucson
Hector M.

Surprised how quickly the dogs reacted to the training. […]

Hector M. | Marana
Jeff K.

Jeff's familiarity and experience with how dogs and humans interact has been a breadth of fresh air after weeks and months of trial and error and half-measures. His training for me was easy to […]

Jeff K. | Tucson
Don & Sherry H.

Super! Exceeded our "high" expectations. Great training, Jeff, and great program! We are excited and very comfortable with our work going forward. So happy we found Bark Busters and Jeff!!! […]

Don & Sherry H. | Tucson
Risa C.

I was in tears before calling with frustration with my puppy biting and imagining her growing to be a rude naughty dog. One session with Jeff and I feel confident I can train my dog to be well behaved […]

Risa C. | Tucson
Jay & Judy R.

Amazing! […]

Jay & Judy R. | Oro Valley
Loren D.

Great teaching methods! Very helpful and kind. I saw immediate improvement so I definitely suggest! […]

Loren D. | Marana
Alli G.

We worked on my major concerns and implemented training strategies for myself to work on with my dog until the next appointment. Went through the training tactics but also why they work which is […]

Alli G. | Tucson
Paul C.

Jeff provided great tools to get started on correcting dog's behaviors and was patient when we were practicing and implementing. […]

Paul C. | Tucson
Andrea N.

The trainer was very personable. He. answered all questions. He worked with both me and my dog explaining as we went along. I was very pleased. […]

Andrea N. | Tucson
Aileen B.

Jeff did an excellent job explaining methods and expectations regarding training. Techniques seemed doable and dog responded fairly quickly. Feeling hopeful about program going forward. Pleased with […]

Aileen B. | Tucson
Dylan S.

Very informative. I got the exact training on exercises I was looking for, and I now have a solid plan to execute with my dogs. […]

Dylan S. | Tucson
Sam & Chris R. & A.

We saw an immediate response to the training exercises after struggling on our own. It gives us a lot of hope to become a more functional family. […]

Sam & Chris R. & A. | Tucson
Rayanna & Connor B. & N.

Everything was addressed amazingly! Everything was broke down so we understood. I loved the methods used for correction and Cash is already really taking to the training. […]

Rayanna & Connor B. & N. | Tucson
Tabitha B.

We could see some improvement in our dogs behaviors even after the first session and all felt empowered to continue with reinforcing the behaviors we want to see. […]

Tabitha B. | Tucson
Patricia and Chad B.

Our experience was thorough & immediately effective. Jeff gave us the confidence & hope for a happy life with Jax. […]

Patricia and Chad B. | Oro Valley
Ivy P.

Spent a good amount of time leash training and focusing on reactivity towards other dogs and I feel that Apollo and I have already benefited from that on the first day. Gave really good advice / […]

Ivy P. | Tucson
Veronica D.

Jeff was professional, absolute in instruction for me, the queen to use for Nona, the princess. Nona reacted to training well and is already doing well. The trainer emphasized the importance of […]

Veronica D. | Tucson
Elizabeth & Rick H.

Use of "BAH" simple and effective. Given some very good / useful pointers which will be used everyday. Jeff was very personable, easy to understand and professional. […]

Elizabeth & Rick H. | Vail
Janet H.

Jeff was very professional and kind. He not only taught Remi but myself also. […]

Janet H. | Vail
Keith & Norma M.

Excellent people and dog skills! […]

Keith & Norma M. | Tucson
Sapna C.

This session was very informative. It helped my husband and I to see how to effectively talk to and relate to our dog. We are looking forward to implementing what we have learned. […]

Sapna C. | Tucson
Jodi C.

I am impressed with the changes I have already seen. Jeff was awesome to work with. Thank you! […]

Jodi C. | Tucson
John C.

I was so impressed how quickly our 10 month old took to the program. Everything was demonstrated so we understood. Highly recommend Jeff! […]

John C. | Oro Valley
Dawn C.

Jeff was positive and attentive to my dogs and me. The dogs were responding well to lessons when Jeff left. I felt like I understood what to do next in my dogs training. […]

Dawn C. | Tucson
Susan C.

Jeff is thorough, patient and kind. I was amazed at how his techniques worked first visit - magic! […]

Susan C. | Oro Valley
Cathryn O.

Since I have never owned a dog before, I didn't know any techniques for communicating with one. The session gave me many new skills for dealing with Dorothy. […]

Cathryn O. | Oro Valley
Rachel M.

Jeff was amazing giving the instructions on how to properly correct our dogs. We understood more of how our dogs are (mis) behaving. We are very hopeful and excited in 4 weeks on how we will progress. […]

Rachel M. | Marana
Jennifer K.

My husband and I adopted, Gonzo, an 8 month old stray dog about 6 months ago. He clearly had some trauma in his life and was showing some fear aggression and had separation anxiety. Jeff from Bark […]

Jennifer K. | Tucson, Pima
Jenny B.

Outstanding results after 1 day of training! Jeff was very patient and really listened to what issues we were having with our two female Weimaraner’s. Working on homework! […]

Jenny B. | Tucson, Pima
Haylee C.

I can see the progress already and I feel this training is going to be successful! […]

Haylee C. | Tucson
Danielle L.

Very attentive & the entire session I was learning something new! 10/10 Recommend! […]

Danielle L. | Tucson
Karen Y.

Great experience. I feel I have the right tools to move forward training my dogs. […]

Karen Y. | Tucson
Nikki & Craig L.

Our dogs responded to the techniques that Jeff taught us right away. He is very knowledgeable and coaches the owners in a friendly way. We are very happy with our decision to call Bark Busters. […]

Nikki & Craig L. | Oro Valley
Meagan Q.

My brother and I recently became the proud owner of a doberman that was just under a year old, and unfortunately he was not well taken care of by his previous family, therefore he was in need of some […]

Meagan Q. | Vail, Pima
Sally & Justin H. & S.

Jeff eased our minds + helped show us that we will be able to get our pup's leash reactivity under control. Thank you. […]

Sally & Justin H. & S. | Tucson
Juilie A.

I told Jeff when he first got here that I had huge doubts about success with my boys, but Jeff was great. He. taught me a LOT + I see progress already. Super excited to see what the future holds for […]

Juilie A. | Tucson
Lynne & Eric G.

Very pleased to have received tangible steps to control problem behavior. Muffin was receptive and we look forward to practicing the behavior modifications with great and swift success! […]

Lynne & Eric G. | Tucson
Madeline & Derek F.

Our first session with Bark Busters exceeded our expectations. Our dog was very reactive and stubborn and responded much better than expected. I would highly recommend Jeff and Bark Busters to anyone […]

Madeline & Derek F. | Tucson
Dan H.

We have 6 dogs & need a LOT of assistance. Jeff from Bark Busters provided immediate assistance from the moment we answered the door. My wife & I were both very impressed with the quality, care & […]

Dan H. | Tucson
Jennifer M.

The training was Amazing and I noticed improvement in communication with my dogs. […]

Jennifer M. | Tucson
Maribeth M.

Jeff already gave us an amazing start with our dogs. We've already noticed some immediate changes. […]

Maribeth M. | Tucson
Jack & Theresa H.

I was very impressed with how quick the techniques worked when walking on the leash. For the first time I was able to walk the dogs outside without them pulling. I am looking forward to using […]

Jack & Theresa H. | Tucson
Sarah & Katrina L. & K.

Jeff was great with both of our dogs and gave constructive feedback as well as action items to work on. We saw immediate improvement during the session. : - ) […]

Sarah & Katrina L. & K. | Tucson
David & Kathleen E.

I told Jeff he'd better be a miracle worker. And he was! Just 2 hours with adorable Dr. Zeus and his barking behavior was already improved. Still have work to do, but I'm confident that his barking […]

David & Kathleen E. | Tucson
Shari D.

While we have started training prior to Jeff's arrival, the methods he brought today are already having a positive impact. Having a puppy who is generally afraid of strangers, it was great to see her […]

Shari D. | Oro Valley
Donna O.

The trainer (Jeff) is certainly knowledgeable, patient and informative. The tips and homework were well taught and laid out clearly. I can already tell that my dog is in good hands. […]

Donna O. | Tucson
Gretchen H.

Jeff did an amazing job with Arrow. She went from timid, barking and growling at strangers to wanting to go up and make friends in the first session. I am grateful she is now able to be the sweet and […]

Gretchen H. | Tucson
Wendy L.

Lucy reacted well to Jeff and I learned much. […]

Wendy L. | Tucson
Jeri M.

Jeff is the person you want if your dog needs attention. […]

Jeri M. | Oro Valley
Abbigail N.

My training session with Jeff was eye-opening when it came to how I could improve my dog's behavior. I saw a drastic difference in my dog's behavior after just on session. I strongly recommend Bark […]

Abbigail N. | Tucson
John R.

Jeff did a superb job addressing our concerns about our dog's "Covid Behaviors". We deeply appreciate his expertise and look forward to putting his tips about training into practice! […]

John R. | Tucson
Mike B.

Jeff was great and very knowledgeable! […]

Mike B. | Tucson
Mark & Alena L.

The training session was immediately effective. We saw a noticeable improvement in behavior. We still have some work to do and we are looking forward to our dog's change in behaivor. […]

Mark & Alena L. | Tucson
Amy R.

Everything I learned today made total sense. Jeff explained everything very well and reinforced what he was teaching along the way. I am looking forward to working with my dogs and the changes […]

Amy R. | Tucson
Kimberly T.

I've tried two other training programs for my dogs - one of them I attended every Saturday for 8 months. I have never seen such drastic and promising improvements. My confidence in my abilities to […]

Kimberly T. | Tucson
R D.

Very attentive. Had all questions answered. Helped us a ton with hands on exercises. Very professional and friendly. […]

R D. | Tucson
K D.

Jeff was fantastic! I can see responsiveness in my dog that i have not seen with any other training methods. I am very hopeful that these will create lasting changes that will last for a lifetime! […]

K D. | Marana
Jennifer & Brandon M.

Absolutely fantastic! He tackled every major concern and instantly made the task manageable + less overwhelming. […]

Jennifer & Brandon M. | Tucson
Danielle & Steven D. & M.

Clear, succinct and concise instructions and guidance. Jeff is very patient with our dog and even more patient with her owners. […]

Danielle & Steven D. & M. | Tucson
Thomas G.

Jeff taught me some really great non-aggressive training techniques that kept my dog engaged and focused. My dog responded rather quickly, faster than I had anticipated. The process seems thorough […]

Thomas G. | Tucson
Susan R.

Jeff was very knowledgeable + personable. He really enjoys his job + it shows. […]

Susan R. | Tucson
Yen Chang L.

Amazing training techniques! […]

Yen Chang L. | Tucson
Patti & Jim R & R.

Very pleased! We saw improvement immediately in Josie's behavior. Jeff is very knowledgeable. Very good with Josie and us. […]

Patti & Jim R & R. | Tucson
Kathie M.

I am amazed how quickly my dogs responded and I am anxious to continue their training to make our home bark free. Jeff was great to work with! […]

Kathie M. | Green Valley